woensdag 5 oktober 2011

More words & images

First of all, many thanks to Devlin Upton and Ellen Algera for the image of the suitcase full of old clocks. I gather that Ellen discovered it and Devlin made the photograph.

The image of the Renault garage cut in two is a photo I made in Plouaret, an unassuming village of 2000 souls which nonetheless sports a TGV stop in Brittany. I lost the original file in a laptop crash, so the low-res picture is all I have. It had been waiting for inclusion in the word+image project for a while until it got its text from Ins blaue hinein, a 5-min theatre show by Le nu perdu in which the one-person audience is led around blindfolded.

The image of the shadow room is what the sunshine does on my carpet.

If anyone cares to join: I'm still looking for images for the following lines:

Geluid is muziek als het nergens toe dient
Niet schieten op de kauwgomballenautomaat
Weistu was so schweig
Quick, quick my children
The news moans round with many voices

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