maandag 27 oktober 2014

zondag 26 oktober 2014

Optisch gedicht

De handen van Wilbert de Joode

Vanavond gezien in Doek @ Zaal 100, Amsterdam

De handen van Wilbert de Joode
die op de bas speelt
en trommelt
schuiven over de snaren
met grote
gravende knoken.

Het zijn handen waarmee
je ooit
kolen zou graven uit bergen.
Ze houden de strijkstok
vast als een slachtmes.

Stof stuift op.
De handen van Wilbert de Joode
schuiven over de snaren.

maandag 20 oktober 2014

Much ado about Ablaut and Umlaut

Previously in Shells and Pebbles

In the Summer of 1829, Franz Bopp and August Wilhelm von Schlegel quarreled about Sanskrit sound shifts. They quarreled so badly it ended their correspondence, and they never met again.

They were, at that point, the first two professors of Sanskrit, in Germany and elsewhere. Their friendship dated back from 1814, when Bopp, though twenty years younger, had helped Schlegel with his Sanskrit studies. Bopp had gone to Paris in his early twenties to learn the language, just like August Wilhelm’s younger (and wilder) brother Friedrich had done before. August, at that point already a literary figure of renown and the consort of Madame de Staël, had followed after Napoleon’s exile, and rushed off again when Napoleon returned. Now that both had landed a professorship, the break was probably inexorable: Schlegel was older and famous, but Bopp was evidently the better linguist. Schlegel was no longer in a position to be condescendingly nice and benign.

In his final letter to Bopp, Schlegel writes:
Was Übrigens den Inhalt Ihres Schreibens betrifft, so werden Sie mir verzeihen, wenn ich künftig briefliche Erörterungen über diese Gegenstände vermeide; weil, wie ich sehe, vertrauliche Mittheilungen Ihnen unwillkommen sind, sobald eine Divergenz der Meynungen hervortritt. Was man durch den Druck dem Publikum übergeben hat, fällt ohnehin mit unsrer eignen Zustimmung der öffentlichen wissenschaftlichen Prüfung anheim.[1]
In the same letter, the appellation shifts from “Hochgeehrter Herr und Freund” to a frosty “Ew. Wohlgeboren”. Apparently Schlegel did not realize how arrogant his previous letter had been, in which he had criticized Bopp’s Sanskrit grammar. (Heinrich Heine describes him as almost ridiculously vain.[2]) Now it is very sad that they quarreled and stopped being friends, but the reasons why are interesting.

zaterdag 11 oktober 2014

Live drawing @ Participation on Trial

Participation on Trial, 10-11 October
Doopsgezinde Kerk & Castrum Peregrini, Amsterdam

Drawings I made as a 'court artist' during the conference Participation on Trial, which discussed questions around participatory art in the form of a mock trial against 'the prevailing paradigm' in the contemporary art world and its public institutions. In the end, the judgement was that 'the prevailing paradigm' was indeed guilty of all charges, except that the accused could not be found, because no one knew what it was. According to the defense, this meant that the trial was a farce; according to the jury, it meant that we are all guilty.

The Judge
The Prosecutor

zondag 5 oktober 2014


Thoughts while running in the Amsterdamse Bos yesterday (13,6k in 55:53'). I know it's not bad for a training, but I distinctly remember running the same track 3-4 minutes faster.