zaterdag 19 november 2011

The big potlatch (1)

My good resolution for 2012 is to give away at least one art work per week. Beneficiaries have the choice between abstract, figurative and conceptual. (And of course, they will have to lend them out for a retrospective exhibition at some point, maybe at the end of the year.)
The working title for this project is The Big Potlatch. If it works out there will probably be more posts by that title.

In fact I'm planning not to wait until next year and start right away. If I hadn't left it behind in the library with my notes, this drawing I made for Riekje Louise Jongsma would have been the first. I am now calling it Number Zero in case it resurfaces.

Instead, one of these two abstract works is now going to be number one (I'll leave the choice to beneficiary number one).

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