donderdag 8 mei 2014

Joys of Scholarship

For a while now, I have been posting anecdotes and images from the history of scholarship on facebook under the hashtag #joysofscholarship. As the collection has been growing steadily, I have now started a page to collect my clippings: Joys of Scholarship. Everybody with even a slight taste for bookdust is invited to contribute. As a pet image, I have chosen Oannes, the Babylonian deity with the head of a fish and the body (or voice) of a man, who rose out of the sea to teach mankind the arts and sciences.

(Anthony Grafton describes how 16th century scholarly superstar Joseph Scaliger encountered him in a 9th century world chronicle quoting Berosus' Babyloniaca: "Traditions of Invention and Inventions of Tradition in Renaissance Italy: Annius of Viterbo" in Defenders of the Text, pp. 76ff.)

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