zaterdag 31 maart 2012

The Big Potlatch (2)

Under the working title The Big Potlatch, my good resolution for this year was to give away at least one artwork per week. This aim has proved to be a bit too high: so far I have given away two architectural drawings, three abstract works (one unscanned), two cartoons, a portrait, a text work and an obscene drawing. [It's just what you call "obscene"...] I'm somewhat reticient to call all these things "artworks". This quadriptych was also made for giving away - only the benificiary has no place to hang it right now due to a housing problem.
Actually it's nothing quite new: I consistently give away drawings at action drawing performances (five of those in 2011) and gave away my drawings for the Narrative Journalism conference, the Doetank staff and most of the Voices from Afar too. I prefer to give away to friends and not to people with too much money. Otherwise, I'm in for proposals and requests. When there's 60 of them or so maybe it's time for a retrospective exhibition.

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