maandag 15 juli 2013

Sketches around Jardin du Luxembourg

Ways to spend an hour on a summer Sunday afternoon with a sketch pad. Drawings I made yesterday while in Paris on a residency project of Flemish-Dutch House deBuren at Maison Biermans-Lapôtre.

 Church next to the Panthéon. Seen from the Place du Panthéon.

 Street view, Rue de St Jacques

 Two Asian girls in the park

Elderly woman reading magazine behind bush

People playing jeu de boules


Girl and statue

Weird quasi-Arabic/quasi-medieval architecture in the Rue Michelet. The building is actually quite huge.

Pensive girl. Couldn't capture the intense look. (I make these drawings after having caught a glimpse and walked a few meters.)

Sunbather. Estimated age 50 at least.

Art deco portico, Rue d'Assas

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