zaterdag 6 november 2010

Blogging from Nantes

This is a slightly belated post, but last week I was in Nantes, running between the 11th ELIA Biennial Conference and the NEU/NOW Festival there.
ELIA is the organization I work for, and its Biennial conferences are the largest conferences on Higher Arts Education worldwide.
The NEU/NOW Festival, now in its second year, is a selection of the best (near) graduates from art schools around Europe in all disciplines.
You bet I did not get much sleep. Fortunately Adina supplied the bulk of the pictures, and some of the posts (Coded Sensations, Andrew Graham & William Collins, and Les Filles Föllen). You can read - well, not all, but a lot - about it on the ELIAblog:

A few quotes that I did not put on the ELIAblog:

"When does that start?"
"I don't know. I'm completely in the dark."
"Lucky you."

"Does that lipstick of yours leave marks?"
"Do you want it to leave marks?"

"Did you ask, 'who was the other Hamlet'?"
"No, I asked, who was the other candidate?"
"Well but we got a new expression there! Isn't Hamlet the role that everyone wants to play, and the second Hamlet the one that gets to play Claudius or Horatio, or worse, Polonius?"

"Floris! Why are you sitting behind your laptop at a closing party? You should be dancing! You're not an animator or what?!"
"Just give me five - five - minutes to finish this final blog post - and then you'll see."

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